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Subscription box services can be a fun twist on giving gifts, especially to those far away. With different themes and talented curators here are boxes we've found worth giving. Click on the link for a full review of each service.
  • Love Vox Box  - a free box of beauty and health samples to try and rate.
  • Julep Boutique Nail Box  - from the Julep Boutique comes limited edition polish hues and handcare products monthly.
  • Flicker Box - A monthly selection curated by Chicago based founder Kristina of artisan candles from all over the US.
  • Orange Glad - A sweet treat and confectionery subscription box filled with decadent and unexpected snacks. A pop-up market of gift and event favor boxes makes it perfect for easy party planning.
  • Healthy Surprise - Bursting the seams with fresh, tasty vegan and gluten free snacks, both savory and sweet. Send one or a subscription in 3 different sizes.
  • Yankee Hollow - Each month they curate an artisan selection of fine cheeses, add in a special extra and helpful cards on pairings and recipes, all delivered cool to your door.
  • Square Hue - Each month 3 full sized 3-free polishes come in hues curated to match the season and latest trends. Unique textures and colors make each addition a real treat plus they're made in the USA. 
  • Fair Treasure - Searching the glob for fair trade pieces for their monthly boxes they definitely deliver with jewelry, things to wear and decor for the home. 
  • Ellie - Their FFC is a monthly service much like JewelMint where each month you can pick two fitness pieces from their ever changing boutiques. But be quick as things sell out fast. 
  • Adore Me - This monthly subscription service of lingerie including slips, camis and shape wear delivered in little black pages to your (or your loves) door.
  • The Honest Company - A au natural based line of skin and home products for baby (and those with super sensitive skin!) delivered monthly.
  • Graze - Each week a little box of healthy snacks arrives from an array of 90 exclusive types at your door.
  • Love with Food - Delivered to your door each month is a little red box filled with organic, healthy gourmet snacks + for every box purchased a meal in donated to the hungry!
  • Boxycharm - A surprise sampling of niche beauty delivered in a pretty black gift box each month.
  • Tokyo Otaku Mode (formally Skoshbox) and their larger Dekabox subscription service offers exploration boxes filled with authentic treats and candy from Japan.
  • RawSpiceBar - is a subscription service for foodies who love to explore international flavors. Each month 3 sachets of herb and spice blends are shipped along with recipe ideas.
  • Birchbox - a beauty subscription box with deluxe sized samples from niche brands.

Not a subscription service but similar concept...
{These boxes are ordered one at a time with no subscription required}
  • Cerra - While not a subscription service per say their discovery box resembles what would be found in many of the beauty and wellness ones and can be ordered in multiples as ready made favors. It seemed fitting to add it here to the list.
  • Sparaj - While not technically a subscription service, Sparaj is more akin to Allue's summer beauty boxes of one off curated collections ordered each month. Only these spa treats are all sourced from Asia. Definitely unique and filled with hard to get beauty.
  • Packed Party - A curated box built around a theme to send as a care package to friends. See what was found in the Pity Party box of cheer.
  • Madison Reed - Permanent, semi-permanent and color glosses deliver at home hair color to your door.

Q. What's a subscription box service?

A. Really gaining popularity last year, subscription box services started out by introducing subscribers to new beauty or jewelry pieces each month but now come in many different themes and styles. The one thing that remains consistent among them all is the need to sign up for a monthly subscription as you would for a magazine, they're curated around a theme and they come in a box. A box in many cases nice enough to negate gift wrapping, making many perfect to gift others. Some boxes are comprised of deluxe sized samples, others include treasures from around the world and then some provide an incredible value not to mention suspense. Click the links above for pictures and reviews of each service.

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