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Square Hue Nail Polishes Square Hue Oil SlickSquare Hue in Iron Horse Desert Grit and Oil Slick
Something comes along and slowly it dawns... where have you been all my life!? It was instantly that way when this little white box filled with really, really good, 3-free, polishes came from Square Hue. A new manicure themed subscription service with a purpose. Keep reading to find out why...

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Square Hue Nail Polishes Subscription Service Box
If you love surprises and switching up your polish (or know someone who does) this is probably the best of both. The one above, the Moto Collection, for October features an avant-garde and classic take on the season. From Iron Horse, a super glossy black perfect for Halloween to Desert Grit, the perfect pumpkin orange with a twist. A gritty textured feel. Then there is Oil Slick, a duochrome along the lines of Peridot, only less amber and more green, purple and graphite depending on the light.

It's really incredible how, in only a set of 3, Hue manages to give someone everything they've been dyeing to try nail wise. Then there is the polish itself which comes in really substantial square glass bottles. Not only is the polish itself really good quality which belies the price of collection of 3 but the brush is magic. Literally no mistakes!

Then the best part, Hue's determination to make a difference in the lives of women that are being trafficked and sold into a life of slavery. Each Square Hue box aids their efforts to stop and disrupt human trafficking.

Get on the list to get next month's box here.

Square Hue Nail Polishes

Polish c/o Square Hue

Image: Magda and mam for Gave That


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