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Whats Inside The October Flicker Monthly Subscription Box of artisan candles SPOILER ALERT on Gift Style Blog Gave That

October is turning out to be one of the best smelling months on record! Along with perfume another rather obvious obsession around here are really good smelling candles. If you're not as obsessed as me, chances are you know someone who is which is why I was so curious about the subscription box service called Flicker Box. Created by Kristina who's based in Chicago each box is a compilation of her latest artisan candle finds. Making each month a unique series of hidden treasures from candle making companies all over the US. The October version just came today and I'm floored at what was waiting inside...
Floating Pumpkin Candle by Armedilla Wax Works from the October Flicker Box Gift Style Blog Gave That Unboxing Candles from the October Flicker Box by Mosley Lane Armadilla Wax Works The Flying Farm and Witch City Wicks Review and Holiday Gift IdeaArmadilla Wax Works floating pumpkin candle in a bobbing for apples centerpiece on Gift Style Blog Gave That
What's Inside

The biggest surprise, aside from how good everything smelled - literally everything, was how well each candle was nestled inside the box and how much there ended up being. With the theme of Halloween, all of the candles came scented in Fall's best, from one artisans interpretation of falling leaves to a beautiful floating candle in the shape of a pumpkin. All autumnal yet each having its own distinctive scent. Seven in all for this Flicker box along with a little jack-o'-lantern treat bag.

Also inside was a card letting you know about each candle maker featured in this editions box and more about the scents. In this box were candles by Mosley Lane natural soy candles, Armadilla Wax Works which created the floating pumpkin candle, etsy based The Flying Farm soy wax candles and lastly the very apropos Salem, MA based Witch City Works.

If you adore autumn scents this is an utter smorgasbord of delights with apple cider, cinnamon, cloves all well represented and one candle by Mosley Lane called All Hallow's Eve. One of the best, most delicious Candy Corn smelling candles I've ever smelled!

Today was a seriously good day. Go here to experience your own Flicker Box or to gift it and use code our special code REVIEW2013 to get 10% off a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

October's Box c/o Flicker Box, thank you Kristina!

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