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It's navy blue, it's waiting at your door, it's the Packed Party! I know you're dying to know all about it and...

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Packed Pitty Party Box
A few months ago Jordan Jones, the original party girl, emailed to let me know about her soon to be launched Packed Party boxes. Curated by Jordan each care package housed in a navy blue box revolves around a theme calling for a party... or, at the very least, some cheer. My first thought was genius! At midnight, a little over a week ago, it went down and Packed Party went live. Then a navy box arrived  (thank you Jordan!) and I couldn't wait to share it with everyone here. Total spoiler alert but the contents of the boxes do change every so many months, keeping the suspense fresh.

Let's say someone you know just broke up (or down) and, as Packed Party puts it, a lot of why me has set in. It's time to send in the Pity Packed Party. While what's waiting inside is kept a secret on the site when ordering, here's a peek into the one I have above. Nestled in all the white and gold squiggles were four gifts.

The first thing my hands reached for was the vintage looking little book with Pep Talks & Picker-Uppers - Lines For All Occasions emblazoned on the front in gold. One of those fun ones where you can just open it randomly and read a page. No one cares what the critics have to say, page 18. Yup. Flipping it over it's actually dear old friend Knock, Knock. This now has a permanent home on my desk. It gets better. A box of Erase Your Past tea with Oolong and orange, never - throwing - away - the - box. Then there are Therapy Flash cards by Knock Knock to do a spread with and lastly, a really pretty hamsa hand necklace for a little good luck to come our way.

There are currently five boxes in all, You Pampered Thing, You, You Don't Need Him Anyway, Miss You - Bitch, Birthday Beb and the Pity Party above. It's not a subscription service so you can order and gift as many as you please! Order yours here.

Pity Party c/o Packed Party, thank you Jordan!

Image: mam for Gave That


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