Sparaj Spa Box

Sparaj Spa Box
This is probably one of the best things to show up at your door or atop your desk on a Monday mourning. Any day really! The Sparaj Asian spa gift box just arrived, now for a look at...

What's Inside >

Peeking inside the Sparaj spa box for November
If you (or someone you know) is fascinated by Asian beauty Sparaj is truly a treasure. Each month they span Asian to bring a newly curated discovery box, first come first serve, as there isn't the need for an actual subscription. Painstakingly wrapped to perfection each makes an easy send off as is gift which I've come to love this hectic time of year. So now what was waiting under all those layers of tissue paper and grosgrain ribbon... 
Inside the Nov Sparaj Spa Box
First, everything is nestled inside a really cute little black and white tote (told you they are incredible in making this an absolute gift!), and comes with a card detailing more about what's inside. The theme for this month is thanksgiving and the Thai Loi Krathong and Yi Peng festivals when lanterns are lit and float into the sky. A sign of appreciation for all the blessings in life.

The first thing that I pulled out was the lime green box which contained a Gaya eye pillow from Thailand. Filled with rice, Kaffir lime, lemongrass, cassumunar and sea salt you gently heat it in the microwave and lay it over your eyes. Of course this elicits requests for some of your Thai food by any and everyone in a 12 foot radius but that's alright. We all love Thai.

Next is the little espresso coffee tree scrub by another Thai based brand by the Khao Shrong family and Coffee Tree for Skin. This actually has a little gift tag attached to it and smells amazing. Almost verging on a chocolate latte in scent, this will definitely rub the bark off of you with coffee grounds, carnation oil and grape seed oil working their magic.

Then there was a tube of hand and nail cream from Panpuri. Again from Thailand. Immediately I rubbed this on as it's dry/cold/burning indoor heat season and let me say I was completely perfumed. This should be called heavenly jasmine parfum in a tube with only a tiniest of dollops needed. It has notes of jasmine and pomegranate along with wild Thai honey and portulaca (aka moss rose). So good and probably close to what the Sikkim Girls were really wearing! Now I'm thoroughly intrigued by the entire Panpuri line.

Lastly is one of those really cool Chinese stone facial rollers which is supposed to amp up circulation and lesson or prevent wrinkles by Old Shanghai. It's in the refrigerator now chilling, waiting to be used over some cream a little later on. Always wanted to try one, now I can!

 Get in on the next Sparaj here. They not surprisingly seem to sell out quick.

PS... Sparaj does not seem to sell or set up a pop up boutique for the products found in their boxes and the above box is sold out so if you would like to repurchase or order any of the above here are the links to Panpuri, Gala @, Coffee Tree for Skin and a similar jade facial roller can be found here.

Nov. box c/o Spanaj, many thanks for a taste of Thailand!

Image: mam for Gave That


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