Some Bike Loot

The Cycling Bike Loot Box our latest subscription service gift find and review on Gift Style Blog Gave That
Recently someone received this September (Septenergy) edition Bike Loot box (Lucky, lucky them!) and it was yet another reminder of how great these subscription box services are as just because gifts. Especially when they're so specifically themed the way this one is.

Tucked inside the little brown box and orange tissue paper was a ton of goodies including #9 Chocolate Agave which I'm very familiar with and personally always have in my panniers along with a lot of new to me things. Yummy looking Rip van Wafels for over your coffee cup, Baobab energy drinks, Perky Jerky spiked with extra energy, and little packets of liquid electrolytes to add to ones water bottle by elete. There was even some Win sports detergent for your kit.

To gift a subscription to your favorite cyclist or have something to look forward to each month visit their site here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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