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Orange Glad Sweets Box Gift Find and Review on the blog Gave ThatOrange Glad Sweet Treats BoxWhats Inside The Orange Glad Sweet Treats Box
Our latest decadent subscription service find to arrive is this gourmet treat filled gift box from Orange Glad. Keep reading for what we discovered waiting inside and why this is the perfect party favor...

The Review

Right off, one of the best points about Orange Glad is the ease in which they allow for their boxes to be purchased as event favors and gift boxes in addition to single subscriptions. With each new monthly launch they also set up a pop up online marketplace to purchase the box above and full sizes of the goodies found inside. Definitely be sure to browse their shop here to take advantage of their ready made favors.

Inside the happy orange box, which literally came the next day after they let us know their box shipped, was an assortment that made me do a double take on their subscription fee. The box is rather weighty and there are really exceptional things inside making for a true treat!

In this particular box, themed for Halloween and the cooling Fall season, there is everything from fluffy gourmet chocolate chip filled marshmallows from California based Sugar Knife candy to some major chanoyu level tea to brew from 101 Tea. A really nice, unexpected surprise there.

Everything inside ends up playing off each other so well and it's clear a lot of thought went into the finished Orange Glad box. The jar of Guerilla Beekeepers wild flower honey is so nice in 101's tea and with that Marche Noir's rich in iron Cabernet infused brownie or Cheryl's yummy melt in your mouth buttercream pumpkin cookie resting on the side, it's difficult not to consume everything at once.

A brownie wrapped in a wine label from Blackmarket Bakery or Seth Greenberg's epiphany at how good the crispy edges of a brownie are after watching his daughter in the bakery kitchen pretty much sums up the anatomy of the perfect gift find. Something we're familiar with made extra special in unexpected ways.

Order yours from their online market here.

October box c/o Orange Glad, love it!

Image: mam for Gave That


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