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The Honest Co Box of Natural Baby Skin Care Subscription Service Gave That
One unique subscription box service that I've been meaning to share for the longest time is this one from The Honest Company. A naturally based baby and skincare line co-founded by Jessica Alba. Keep reading for what was inside, an absolute favorite super healing must have this snowy season and...

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After hearing about the newly launched Honest Co.'s passion for natural baby products I knew this was one monthly service I just had to try out and let everyone here know about. As anyone with super sensitive skin knows, things created for baby is quite often also our best friend no matter what our actual age. Finding baby care that's naturally based can be a little bit more difficult.

After placing my order this pretty blue box showed at my door literally within days. Peaking inside it got even better. Reading over the actual ingredient labels on their Essentials sampler collection of their best sellers I knew these were going to be some awesome products. Natural oils such such as olive, calendula and evening primrose blend with shea butter. The scents are light lemongrass and everything feels really gentle. Soft and soothing including their fun diapers.

Then I proceeded to burn myself a short time after. After badly burning my hand not once but three times last winter, which left it mottled with dark brown scars, I was determined to take better preventative action this time. Then it dawned on me that I now had in my arsenal the Honest Co.'s honest healing balm and quickly slathered it on. I kept doing that over and over, watching the swelling go down and the ruddy purple color totally disappear. Poof! No scaring, nothing. Now I always want to have some of this around. It did surprise me a bit that castor seed oil is one of the main ingredients in this particular product as many report suffering reactions from castor, especially on their face &/or scalp. I too have had reactions to castor oil itself but not this healing balm although I won't be using it on my face. It smells strongly of rosemary too but I love that about it and definitely say give this a try. Especially on old scars and super dry hands.

The Honest Company has a ton of gift sets and bundles and it's easy to gift subscriptions which also garners a 35% drop in price for everything included. Diapers to gentle laundry detergent (perfect for lingerie!) and the healing balm. Canceling is very easy as well, no tricks or unexpected chargers out of the blue and their customer service is amazingly sweet and caring about your particular needs. So refreshing! Start your own or gift an Essentials Bundle subscription here.

PS... for more subscription box finds see the collection of services featured here.

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