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If you have a question or request please take a quick look at these FAQ's. I've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to hopefully quickly answer them for you but if you're looking to email me please do so at: marieanakee@gmail.com or tweet them to me @gavethat on twitter.

How to get in contact?
Please email me directly, Marie Anakee at: marieanakee@gmail.com or Chris GaveThat@gmail.com . Email is best but you can also use twitter @gavethat .

Can I use one of your pictures at my blog or site?
Sure! Photos must be credited to Gave That and linked to the original GaveThat.com post they were found on. Thank you!

Can we work with Gave That?
Since starting Gave That I've had the pleasure of meeting an amazing number of incredibly passionate people and working with brands, designers and artists both up and coming to well respected; creating original photography, gift guides and how-to style tutorials for the site. ClariSonic, Olay,  Schick, Mary Kay, Tatcha, Cerra, PurifiCup, The Withered Herb, Whooga, Alef Bet, BassBuds, Scout, Lurk, Bags of Love, Lush, Agraria, oNecklace, Sparaj, Ozone, Healthy Surprise, Prosperity Candle, Nine Lives Products, Flicker Box, Macy's, to name a few and look forward to many more collaborations to come.

Sponsorship and collaboration ideas, please email Chris at: gavethat@gmail.com

For invitations and editorial inquiries please email Marie at:  marieanakee@gmail.com

Advertising inquiries can be sent to: gavethat@gmail.com

Can we provide the prize for or sponsor a giveaway?
Awesome! Please see above. 

Do you take the pictures yourself?
Yes I do unless I'm actually in them and then others may pick up the camera (a big thank you to guest photographer Magda K.!). Art, style and design are deep loves and this blog facilitates delving into these passions along with working with others to create something new on a daily basis.

Where can I purchase "---- fill in the blank ----"?
Please look for links to the things featured/mentioned or something similar directly in their respective posts, I really try to link things for you to quickly order online &/or let you know the store/company they're from. For things that are vintage or no longer in stores, I love ebay! My other go to shopping destination is Amazon.com which in many cases ships internationally and has great service. If I've left something out do leave a comment in the post or tweet me @GaveThat on twitter. Sadly due to the amount of email daily, a personal reply to emails requesting information already included in posts will likely not be possible.

Who created GaveThat.com and why / how did the idea come about?

Hello! I'm Marie Anakee Miczak, the founder of GaveThat.com. This all started in 2008 as a NYC based project to thank fellow artisans for sharing their artwork with me through the Eternal Network. Then I happened on a piece by cultural anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson where she wrote;

"Every human society uses gift giving-and, of course, exchanging-to define and sustain relationships. When I give you a present, I'm making a statement about who I am, who you are... and what our relationship is between us".

Fascinated by this, Gave That blossomed into a place devoted to discovering hidden treasures to give, lovingly taking the time to make handmade gifts and celebrating good friends along the way. In its simplest form Gave That is a place to document, create and share inspiration. It's also a love affair with design, the unique and delicious packaging.

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Can you link to our website?
Gave That's blogroll has a carefully edited list of blogs that are either similar to GaveThat.com or would be of obvious benefit to readers + all are personally discovered favorites.

Can we link to GaveThat.com? No request necessary, yes please do! Thank you so much for your support!

How can we keep up with GaveThat.com and always read the latest articles / features? Are you on twitter and Facebook?
There are so many ways! Gave That has RSS feeds which you can subscribe to here and you can also get Gave That delivered right in your email inbox by entering your email address in the box up on the right hand corner of the page. GaveThat.com is on twitter @gavethat and has a new Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest page too.

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