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How to Turn Friendsgiving into So Much More...

Host A Charity Dinner Party at Home

This is such a great idea and the perfect way to step back into another time... the past eras filled with chic little dinner parties held at peoples homes benefiting good causes. It was second nature and done so well. So for day 2 of our Classic Remastered series here is how to hold your own charity fête with tips gleaned from antique books and the wisdom of the gram dames who did it best.

Tips On Holding A Stellar Charity Dinner At Home

Plan It Out: Most home charity dinners are much the same as any dinner party although making it feel worth your guests time and support will be even more pronounced and important. Planning ahead for issues such as if this will be a formal sit down (with place cards and so on) or a looser cocktail party will be key. This also needs to be expressed on your invitation cards along with any minimum donation. This way gusts can decide if they want to (or can) participate. The last thing anyone should feel is sprung upon once at the party because they were n…

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