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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A New Spring Scent

Tattoo Perfume by Michel Germain Spring Scents
One risk I think many are taking more and more these days is ordering perfumes online based on note descriptions alone. There are so many niche scents now that are not readily available to sniff, waiting on the other side of our scentless device screens, too much to miss. When last years quest of finding a new fragrance for Spring seeped right into this one I took a leap and went for a 100ml bottle. This time what followed was so good I wanted to share it with everyone here, especially for those of you who are fellow gourmand lovers in need of a sweet, but not too sweet, fix year 'round.

This gem is called Tattoo and it's by Michel Germain. Spritzing citrusy Tattoo on one wrist I put it side by side with many Spring releases and it remained worlds apart yet comfortingly familiar. Likely because of what Michel Germain left out. The notes are few but they're so refreshingly different.

The lime is mellow and there is plenty of greenery at first as if a few leaves slipped in too. Any fruitiness comes from the passionflower... if you've ever stuck your nose into that crazy looking thing or sipped it's aromatic tea will recognize it peeking through. The caramel, amber and musk turns everything into one luscious, creamy dessert. A Key Lime pie complete with billowing meringue on top and a graham cracker crust underneath. Yet, with the honeysuckle and passionflower, it's kept from being too literally foodie and instead is dreamily soft, tropical, fresh and addictive.

It stays very close to the skin which makes it a definite keeper come Summer.

Find it over here on his site.

Image: mam for Gave That

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Simple Peanut Mocha Icing + Easter Cupcake Recipe

Easter Cupcake Recipe Peanut Mocha frosted Easter Cupcake with malted Robins Eags
It has probably become rather apparent by now how much I love chocolate and with it, any holiday that celebrates it with fresh candy which is why I really wanted to share this super simple peanut mocha frosting. Just in time for Easter brunches, lunches and picnics. Icing from scratch can be daunting but I promise this is one of the easiest ones I've ever stumbled on, from the 1920's no less, and it's garnered repeated rave reviews every time it's been whipped up. Keep reading for the complete how-to along with a recipe for a buttery cupcake batter:


DIY Washi Tailored Bows

DIY Washi Tape Gift Bow Step by Step Tutorial
In a pinch I love how easy it is to make gift bows out of Japanese style Washi tapes. One of the simplest to create is this tailored bow. Keep reading for how to top your presents with one too:


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Days Of Spring

IMG_20140416_152312_zps87865775 First Days of Spring mam for gavethat cherry blossoms First Days of Spring II mam for gavethat cherry blossoms
Can you believe it snowed last night? Thankfully all the blooming trees out there shrugged it off and are putting on a lovely show undisturbed, although it's all still rather scentless. A little while ago, to usher Spring in a little faster, my friends at SheSpeaks sent over Febreze's new Spring scent collection before they hit stores. Keep reading for a few new favorite pick me ups from the collection, a whole lot of cherry blossoms and a few Springy DIY gift projects:


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