Friday, November 20, 2015

Making Serendipity 3 Style Frozen Hot Chocolate

An easy way to make Frozen Hot Chocolate for guests on Gift Style Blog Gave That
For a good while now I've been wanting to share an easier way to whip up chocolaty goodness in all its glory... Serendipity 3 style Frozen Hot Cocolate! Grab your blender and keep reading for:


oNecklace // The Monogram Gift Guide

Monogram Gift Guide Monogrammed bracelet by oNecklace
Every year one major question pops up the most... what's the best gift to give? What's truly unique? What about the person who has everything? If there is one gift to seek out (and order right now!) this year, it's something personalized. Monogrammed darling. Not only because it's having a moment right now but because it trumps the dreaded duplicate. You know the monogrammed one is the keeper.

Keep reading for more about these pieces by oNecklace and a guide to picking out the perfect monogrammed gifts:


Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Sweet Corn Chowder Recipe

Make this sweet corn filled chowder for guests with this simple recipe on Gift Style Blog Gave That
Running around all day in the rain today made coming back to a pipping hot bowl of homemade chowder all the more comforting. Keep reading for this easy to whip up recipe, perfect to sharing, for a sweet corn chowder with a (slightly less fattening) twist:


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Making Rose Punch

Homemade Rose Punch with this simple yet unique recipeA unique punch made with roses and strawberries with a hint of brandy on Gift Style Blog Gave That
A unique punch to serve during the holidays or at a wedding is this one with roses and strawberries. Inspired by one of my favorite authors and aromatherapists, Valerie Ann Wormwood, this punch uses our previously posted rose syrup recipe along with a hint of brandy and lot's of Tombú Prieto Picudo Rosado. Keep reading for:


Writing on Rice

Names written on rice customized jewelry finds on Gift Style Blog Gave That
Perusing etsy a while back I stumbled on tons of jewelry where you can have a name or word written on grains of rice. It made me think of and want to break out my own tiny glass menagerie. They say artisans were so good in Turkey and India that not only would they write words on rice but create entire miniature paintings as the ultimate keepsake. The oil they're preserved in acts as a magnifying glass. Search rice jewelry on etsy and lots of these will pop up.

Image: mam for Gave That

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Dekabox Snack Unboxing

P1020724 P1020725
As promised, here is a peek inside this month's Dekabox c/o the lovely folks at skoshbox. For more on what skoshbox is see our previous post over here. Each month skoshbox curates two different sized exploration boxes of authentic Japanese snacks. This time we're unboxing the larger of the two, the Dekabox. Keep reading for:

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