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Friday, December 19, 2014

Muelhens' 4711

Muelhens 4711 Original Eau de Cologne Maurer and Wirtz

A gift guide here wouldn't be complete without a spritz of something sweet! This year it's a trip in the way back machine with a scent over 220 years old that smells, well, ridiculously modern. Keep reading for what it is and...


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How To Be The Best House Guest Ever

How To Be The Best House Guest Ever
With the holiday travel season in full swing there has been one topic I've been meaning to bring my mentor, the late VOGUE editor and etiquette guru, Millicent Fenwick, back around for. A primer on how to be a really great house guest. After reading her advice on the subject and having many ah-ha! moments, I knew I had to share her wisdom with you too. Whether you're an exchange student coming to the US for the first time, sharing a friends cabin in the woods, couch surfing or staying with aunt Fanny for the season, following these tips will give a great chance of garnering an exceptionally rare gift indeed... an invitation for a return visit.


Monday, December 15, 2014

A Classic Fruit Cake Moment

Claxton Christmas Fruit Cake

You either love it or hate it... or maybe not quite. A reformed hater comes clean about one of the most controversial and often maligned of all holiday gifted treats:


Monday, December 1, 2014

On Giving Lingerie

Is The Sexiest Piece of Lingerie Really Your White Button Down and Cologne On Gifting Lingerie by Marie Anakee, on Gift Style Blog Gave That
Audrey Hepburn

As we were walking around this past Black Friday, doing a bit of window shopping, it was surprising how many tribes of guys were seriously out enforce. Now this is totally unscientific but I couldn't help but notice how many were trying to purchase something soft or lacy which makes me wounder if the fine art of giving lingerie is making a comeback? Nowhere else were the lines longest than a store selling pretty underpinnings. If this is still something you've been putting off your list due to fears of getting it wrong, keep reading for my tips and tricks to picking out lingerie as gifts along with the revelation that one of the best pieces to give is probably already hanging up in a closet somewhere nearby...


Image: mam for Gave That & unknown

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