13 Last Minute DIY Gifts

Last Minute DIY Gift Guide

Some have their holiday gift shopping done by July and then there are others who thrive on the rush of last minute. If you're even more adventures and want to make something luxurious at home, here are some favorites (both yours and mine) DIY's from this past year that are surprisingly easy and pretty quick to make. Double, triple or quadruple to make lot's of the same gift to dole out as an added time saver:

for your Mum...

A fluffy dusting powder to match here favorite perfume and prim scented bath salts in old china for next to next to the bath.

for Dad...
Some strong tea tree oil soap on a rope.

...for your Sister
A room diffuser Chanel would be envious of and a custom blended fragrance from her favorite flower.

for your brother...
A natural, classic Bay Rum aftershave.

for your neighbors...
A creamy, strong coffee liquor.

for your holiday party host...
A set of infused culinary salts, a spicy flavored butter spread in a crock &/or a chunky amber crystal potpourri for their coffee table.

... for your niece
A vintage inspired jewelry holder.

for your children's teacher...
These little, soothing lavender flax seeds eye pillows are super easy to make, even with little hands.

And for many ideas be sure to visit the crafty DIY gift area of the blog here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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