DIY Prim Bath Salts

mam for gift blog Gave That DIY bath salts housed in antique china cups and saucersmam for gave that DIY bath salts in antique china tea cups wrapped in tullemam for gave that diy sea bath salts inside of china tea cupsmam for gave that DIY gift wrapped bath salts housed in china tea cups and white sheer tulle

This is a fun little way I like to display (and gift wrap) bath salts. Taking an old tea cup and saucer which doesn't even have to match and filling it to the brim with large chunks of heaven. NARS oil soaked crystals remain a favorite but these are deceptively easy to concoct. Some sea salt from the grocery store, a few drops of pure vanilla or orange extract, food coloring if you like a pop of color and a bit of tulle to wrap everything up. All in all it's a way to give new life to pieces of china who have lost their way from sets or who have sat way too long collecting dust someplace.

Have sea shells instead of china tea cups? Look here for a past bath salt gift look I did here using them.

For more gift wrap looks please see my gift wrap design inspiration area here and you can find my collection of DIY gift ideas here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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