DIY Antique Frame Jewelry Organizer

DIY these super easy antique looking picture frame jewelry organizers for friends by Gift Style Blog Gave ThatHow to make your own antique picture frame jewelry holder see the easy tutorial and materials list below
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If you've ever felt just a tad bad about hiding away that pretty bauble and rather gaze lovingly at it from afar, time to time, here's a really easy way with a DIY antique frame organizer. Deceptively quick to put together (it literally took me 5 minutes), these can be whipped up en masse as favors and as an extra special way to give jewelry as a gift. Keep reading below for the complete how-to:

The How-To

Using burlap fabric and little gold push pin hooks by Hillman
What You Will Need:
- A picture frame
- Burlap fabric or try lace or velvet
- Little push pin hooks (mine are by Hillman, find similar ones here and more ornate Flur de lis ones here)
- Heavy card stock
- Glue

The finished handmade antique picture frame jewelry organizer gift idea

How To Do It:

1) If the frame comes with glass this can be a helpful template to trace around for cutting both the burlap fabric and the card board. Mine didn't so I traced the inside opening instead.

2) Using the tracing made on a piece of paper from above, cut out the card board and then add 1/2 inch extra to the piece of fabric so the sizes can be folded and wrapped around the card backing. Attach the fabric to the card with glue or staple if the sides will be hidden by the frame.

3) The easy part is adding the fabric card to the picture frame and securing with glue or with the backing that comes with the frame. Then the little push pin hooks are poked through the fabric, into the card. I found it better to get their placement after the fabric backing was already in the frame. These were very sturdy as is but to really make them stay in place some a drop of crazy glue behind each hook works well.

Jewelry pictured by Chan Luu (earrings),  Alex & Ani (bracelet), Ceek (cross necklace) and vintage

Images: mam for Gave That


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