DIY Scented Dusting Powders

DIY Scented Body Powder
The dilemma... the silky feel of freshly powdered skin, especially under thick sweaters and leather britches, and having it's scent totally clash with your favorite perfume. Something that recently happened with my favorite discovery this year, Airspun, in all its L'origan candied orange goodness. Once a given that your favorite fragrance came in a matching body powder for layering, it's now sadly gotten rather rare. Chin up because it's actually really easy to create your own scented powders (aka dry perfume) at home, which, also doubles as a pretty swell gift. Grab your favorite perfume and keep reading for the full...


What You Will Need:
- Unscented body dusting powder
- A glass jar (Mason's work great) or container
- Cotton balls
- Perfume or essential Aromatherapy oils
- Pretty container to store finished powder in (here a glass candy dish)
- A large powder puff

Making your own scented powders DIY
How To Do It:
It's really as simple as repeatedly soaking anywhere from 1 to 3 cotton balls with your favorite fragrance which are then left out in the open on a plate for the alcohol to dissipate. The scented cotton balls should be pretty strong in order to infuse your powder. Heavier scents such as my Chanel no 5 Premiere  and Ambre Gris by Balmain worked really well.

Place cotton ball(s) into 1 to 3 cups of powder and push down until it's in the center. Tightly close the lid and let stand a week. At the end of the week stir the powder and recap for another week, If it does not seem strong enough at first, soak more cotton balls and repeat the above.

Another way to gently scent your powder is with fresh rose petals (organically grown) that are layered between the powder like a cake. The same curing process as above applies.

After the curing time of a few weeks is up, remove cotton balls and sift powder into it's new home. In my case here, a glass candy dish. And that's it!

If you have a broken white or peach shimmery eye shadow, sprinkle a bit into your DIY body powder for an illuminating effect. Blush and bronzer can work the same. Want to make a truly personal perfume for your powder? See these previous how-to here on composing your own signature scents.

Powder puff: Juicy Couture

Image: mam for Gave That


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