DIY Reed Diffuser

One thing I'm always keen on doing is finding out ways to reuse all those pretty but empty glass perfume bottles. One way recently has been to turn the ones used as splashes or with a wide enough neck into a reed diffuser. So far so good! Some of my most favorite bottles to use are by Chanel but chunky ones used to house bath salts or even antique ones have been pressed into service as well. Then they're kept topped off with fragrance refills or I create my own using a blend of essential oils mixed in sweet almond oil.

What You Will Need:
- Empty glass bottles with a wide spout. Good one include antique Chanel and other splash type bottles with stoppers, crystal decanters, old medicine or apothecary bottles
- A diffuser oil refill or a self created blend
- Reeds or bamboo Shish Kabob skewers
- Optional embellishments such as tassels for around the neck or a pretty ribbon, semi precious stones, tiny seas shells, resin incenses or Himalayan pink salt chunks for inside the bottle at the bottom.

Book by Christian Lacroix

Image: mam for Gave That


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