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Handmade DIY Tea Tree Oil Soap on a Rope DIY Tea Tree Oil Soap on a Rope
Let's make some soap! Not just any soap but one version I've been meaning to post a DIY for ages is good old soap on a rope. Super simple to make, these here have an added anti-fungal kick thanks to natural Australian tea tree oil from Apothecary Extracts. Keep reading for the....


What You Will Need:
- 1 & 1/2 cup natural vegetable glycerin soap base (or 3 bars of glycerin soap such as Pears)
- 1 teaspoon Tea Tree Oil (here I'm using Apothecary Extracts Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, a very potent and sweet tea tree essential oil perfect for this soap project)
- Rope
- A tea box or soap molds
- Wax paper, optional if using the tea box method
- Wooden sticks such as chop sticks, again optional if using the tea box method

Making Tea Tree Oil Soap on a Rope with Apothecary Extracts Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

How To Do it:

1) If using the tea box soap mold method gently line the box with wax paper making sure there are no tares. Lay the chop sticks on top. This will help prevent the rope from moving or slipping too low down inside the mold.

Tea Box Soap on a Rope Mold
2) Cut glycerin soap up into cubes and place in a microwave safe glass container. A glass measuring cup works great. Melt soap by microwaving in increments of 30 seconds at a time. You don't want the soap to boil over or evaporate. Stir the hot liquid soap and add the essential oil of tea tree. I used 1 teaspoon for two bars of soap. This oil by Apothecary Extracts is rather potent, if the oil you're using is less so you might want to double the amount.

Be careful when pouring into molds as hot liquefied soap in no fun on skin (kinda akin to burning melted cheese on a pizza!).

3) Pour soap into molds making sure rope knots are well covered. Keep on a level surface until hardened then further cure in the freezer.

4) Pop out of molds or peel away cardboard from the tea box and wax paper, cut into two bars of soap and you're done.

DIY Tea Tree Oil Soap on a Rope
Find Apothecary Extract's tea tree oil over here on Amazon. Happy soaping on a roping!

Image: mam for Gave That

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