DIY Lavender Flaxseed Eye Pillow

DIY Flaxseed Lavender Eye Pillow
Tired, sore eyes come in so many forms but lately it's been a whole lot of pollen mixed with the glow of a screen of some sort. Here's how to make it all go away with a super easy natural eye pillow infused with English lavender's calming scent and warm flax seed that doubles as a sweet bridesmaid gift to give:


Pouring flaxseeds and lavender buds into muslin pillow cases
What You Will Need:
- Whole flax seed (or rice)
- Lavender buds
- Essential oil of lavender or rose (optional)
- 2 pieces of muslin or cotton cloth cut to a rectangle 7 inches x 3 inches
- cotton thread
- needle

How To Do It:
Grabbing your sewing kit, place your two pieces of fabric together and sew together 3 sides using a simple running stitch.

If using essential oils, be sure to mix then in with the dried lavender buds first and allow them to fully absorb the oil and become dry once again. This might take 24 hours. Then combine the lavender with the flax seeds and mix well.

Pour your filling into your sachets and sew the remaining open end shut.

The finished eye pillows can be heated in the microwave or placed in the freezer and laid across as an eye mask. Warming these pillows will diffuse the lavender scent more but I've really been enjoying these cool too.

Image: mam for Gave That


Merry said…
Thank you....this is the best and most key piece of info. ...."infuse the essential oiks with the herbs.....let them dry..up to 24hrs."...

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