Looking Back at 2013

Making New Years Resolutions and dream boards by Gift Style Blog Gave That

It all started with a blank canvas and the things we love.
Gave That Photo Diary
My Other Bag on Gift Style Blog Gave That2013 Gave ThatA golden hat box topped with mounds of fresh and silk flowers DIY gift wrapping by Gift Style Blog Gave Thatmelody ehsani and keeping it simple 2013 Gave ThatMy oNecklace on display on Gift Style Blog Gave ThatGave That Gift Wrapping Projects and Beauty FindsPresent with MOO Card as a Gift Enclosure Card Putting Away the OrnamentsServing Aperitifs To Guests
Ringing in the New Year (let's do this!) with a look back at 2013...

1) A love affair with finding cozy winter scents from Demeter, 2) Making DIY bath lotion bars, 3) fresh hostess gifts, 4) getting away from it all, 5) hats off, 6) all dolled up in the sand, 7) road tripping, 8) pretty printable DIY favor boxes, 9) Champagne coupes, 10) antique old lace bouquet, 11) fresh flower gift boxes to make, 12) floral hat box centerpieces, 13) coffee meetings and arm candy, 14) Champagne ans strawberry cupcakes for V-Day, 15) wild strawberry cocktails, 16) Autumn road trips, 17) drying flowers, 18) on my desk, 19) the secret language of wax seals, 20) DIY stained glass wrapping paper for Easter, 21) wrapping paper inspiration: Kelly Wearstler, 22) beauty worth giving, 23) Making enclosure cards on MOO  24) Free Trade handmade ornaments from Macy's Uganda project, Children Inspire Design and  Fair Traders 25)  serving petite Aperitifs

Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream. —Khalil Gibran

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