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All Dolled Up Body Chain Jewelry Piece In The Sand by Gift Style Blog Gave That Gift Find and Review
When body chains first made they're debut as a piece to covet it was an instant add to my wish list but, not surprisingly, there were wait lists. Long ones and they were definitely investments at the time. That's when doubt started to creep in as to how much wear they would actually get. Fast forward to discovering the online boutique All Dolled Up and their collection of extremely reasonable yet well crafted body chains. They were lovely enough to send over one of their most popular pieces, the Armour body chain in silver. Since receiving it and playing around with it I can say there are so many ways to wear and add these to my wardrobe. Especially when it's hot out.
All Dolled Up Body Chain in Organza Gift Bag All Dolled Up Online Body Chain
Draped on top of planner things, especially dresses, it's akin to a whole new dress and over a bathing suit, love it. Currently my favorite way to wear this and, all body chains, is peeking through a sheer, button down blouse. I love the chevron, Native American look All Dolled Up's Armour piece gives which I really have not seen anywhere else.

Get yours here.

Body chain necklace c/o All Dolled Up, Thank you!

Image: mam for Gave That


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