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Doing a little farmer's market shopping and discovering a plum hostess gift came together thanks to Sally Erickson this weekend who shared with me her new creation, the Vejibag.


Handcrafted out of organic cotton by women in Maine these bags are super easy to pack, use and give as is. Best of all, the dampened Vejibag's really do keep salad greens crisp and things that like to get slimy, such as my mushrooms, firm and white longer. At the farmer's market here they often just give you a cardboard box to take everything home in so I wet the Vejibag and placed it at the bottom hoping the greens, at least, would keep from wilting on the trek back to the house. It worked beautifully!  
The Vejibag Hostess Gift Find
Order your own Vejibag's, which also come in an upCycled version, here.

c/o Vejibag, thank you Sally for such an awesome gift to give!

Image: mam for Gave That


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