DIY Stained Glass Gift Wrap

A Spring Stained Glass DIY Gift Wrap Style That Is Easy To Make Fast by Gift Style Blog Gave That
Wax paper has to be one of my all time favorite in a pinch gift wrap, as can be seen by how many appearances it has made here at the blog. Just in time for spring here is an easy to recreate stained glass look using our waxy, transparent friend and a few markers:


What You Will Need:
- Markers (magic markers are perfect, anything permanent)
- Rubber stamps or stain glass illustrations
- Wax paper
- White, plain gift box
What you will need to make your own quick stained glass wrapping paper

If using a rubber stamp, wrapping the gift first to get the placement of your stained glass window just right works great. If tracing, it's as easy as laying the paper on top and drawing the design. Spraying a little hair spray, gently, over top the finished design and further prevent transfer and keep it looking crisp.

For more gift wrap ideas be sure to see the gift design inspiration area of the blog here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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