Spring Cleaning

mam for Gave That vintage bird on edge of tea cup
The last few days its finally been warm enough to throw open all the windows, shake the rugs and sprouse up a bit. This is usually the same time when things I haven't seen for a while (but not forgotten, thanks in great part to this blog) magically reappear. Others only need to make their appearance for brief periods, when it starts to be springy.

One being this little vintage wooden bird last seen here. Another gift is this chunky bottle of Nordic spring called Freia by MOR. Inside is an Orangery of epic proportions, -a collection of citrus'- from pink grapefruit to Mandarin and Sicilian oranges tinged with Clementines and Moroccan neroli (orange blossoms). All this sunniness (high on the vitamin C and something celery-esk) develops into vanilla, amber and my all time favorite, gooey labdanum. White enameled wooden peacock adored bottle... vanity material without fear of spoiling the juice inside! (this will be the only time I call perfume juice, promise, it was unavoidable with all that citrus talk).
vintage hat MOR Freia perfume
white embossed wrapping paper tulle wrapped gift purple flowers vellum butterflies
Modern Alchemy timeless pocket watch solid perfume
Modern Twist hide box
Modern Twist's Hide box based on traditional Japanese Anemone designs.
Modern Alchemy dl co timeless pocket watch perfume
Modern Alchemy's solid perfumed pocket watch. Yuzu flower is so spring.
white tulle wrapped present with purple flowers antique lace sea shells
Antique lace and collected pastel seas shells... remember the DIY embossed gift wrap? Now it's peeking through white tulle and a poof of purple Lunaria flowers which later turn into these in late summer.

Many other things were unearthed as well (and promptly misplaced), look for them to be posted in the coming days.

For more gift wrap looks please see my gift wrap design inspiration area here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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