Embossing Paper & Butterflies

white embossed handmade gift wrapped present

Textured gift wrap, especially done completely in white, has been on my mind for the longest time and today the old embossing tool and plates were dredged out (one of the best investments ever made, they can be used in so many ways). Using plain white paper it was covered in tiny stars and swirls. A little time consuming but thoroughly worth it... I could imagine these in towering groupings at a wedding. O-la-la.

Letting the paper be the focal point seemed best so it first was bundled up with a simple gold string and bow. Then I remembered the vellum butterflies, created using rubber stamps and baby blue ink, I had about and formed a little wreath on the top.

embossed white paper wrapped giftmam for gift wrap blog gave that textured embossed handmade gift wrap with vellum rubber stamped butterflies favor

For more gift wrap looks please see my gift wrap design inspiration area here.

Embossing plate used is by American Traditional

Image: mam for Gave That


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