Into The Woods

mam for gift wrap blog gave that dried flowers budding branches paper moths

Here in the New England states Spring can feel worlds away... any hint of sunshine is lapped up. Motivated to poke around outside in the woods I was hoping to find a few things for rustic arrangements to tuck about the house. Pickings were slim but this is what materialized. To it a few vintage pieces were added (the little wooden bird and silk violets) and printed (paper moths).
mam for decoration blog gave that bundle of branches twigs paper moth dried flowersmam for gave that little vintage wooden bird on top of gift stylemam for gave that bundle of branches twigs paper mothmam for gave that gold gift with vintage wooden bird twigs flowers

For more gift wrap design ideas and looks please see my gift wrapping area of the blog here.

Image: mam for Gave That


Anonymous said…
That little bird in the subsequent pictures is the LOVE! It just shows how you can personalize a gift with a few extras like this. Keep 'em coming!
Gave That said…
"is the LOVE"... O, I must adopt that!! Thank you so much and yes, yes hoards of stuff is going up soon, promise! xoxo -M

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