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It's still Rainy Days here but it seems more bearable when you have a suit of armor. To go along with the weather proof bags, in your face umbrellas and my Sperry's I just had to show you this incredible rain coat by Jane Post. The outside looks like a classic glossy slicker but it's actually the shell that fits over another coat made of wool underneath. Sort of like a gift wrapped coat. Pretty ingenious. I think mum would surely love this (mums day is around the corner) as both are so minimalistic in a Jil Sander (hope Ms. Post takes this as a complement) sort of way.

In other cherry news as I was moving things about I opened an old cigar box to find some handmade friendship bracelets inside. I made this one before and ended up giving it away so it's so nice to have a few replacements. Teaming them up (or interweaving them) with vintage rhinestone bracelets seems to be the perfect DIY project for these ongoing soggy days. For a DIY tutorial on that see my post here.

Rain coat: Jane Post
Bag: Pietro Alessandro
Bracelets: Handmade & Vintage

Image: Magda for Gave That


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