Something Unexpected : Timeless Fragrance Pocket Watch by D.L. & Co.

Timeless Fragrance Pocket Watch by D.L. & Co. copyright gavethat 2009

When I first saw this last year I immediately went online to learn more about D.L. & Co's latest offering (at the time)—The Timeless Fragrance Pocket Watch ,part of the Modern Alchemy collection. From the outside it seems like a simple antique pocket watch but, hidden inside, a pool of hard perfume can be found. Not a new concept as seen in a past piece here but what was truly gasp oh how novel inducing was the price. Around $40.00. Trust me, once you tried to locate a watch case, the bees wax and essential oils to create your own it would cost you much more. A double take was in order.

Unlike many perfume manufactures out there today these delectable bits of steampunk x film noir are created out of 100% natural essential oils. Giving each scent a very earnest, true and raw essence. Something so refreshing for spring and summer. The scent pictured is called Yuzu Flower and is described as being based on a rare heirloom Geranium that mimics the scent of pineapple, grass and roses. Swirled lightly on the pulse points the immediate sensation is one of freshness and juicy citrus... going heavy on the lemon. The dry down is a tad moodier but keeps the same character as when first applied and seems totally ambiguous as to gender. With all D.L. & Co. offerings you'll find incredible attention to detail and boxes so luxe that they negate the need for further gift wrap. The instructions on the Timeless Fragrance box for instance is precious, telling the new owner to, rub your fingers in the fragrance & apply a liberal amount to wrists, neck or love letters. Major, major swoon!

More about the Timeless Fragrance Pocketwatch in Tuberose can be found here.

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Editor note—this updated article corrects product availability.

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