Spring Gift Finds

Spring Gift Finds

Here in the Mid-Atlantic spring is finally in the air! Keep reading for a sampling of favorite gift finds perfect for the sunny, blossom filled season not to mention Mother's Day:


Balmain Ivorie and Lanvin Eclat dr Fleurs Fragrance reviews
With Mother's day right around the corner along with graduation and wedding season, this is the time I enjoy going classic. For the latter, a beautiful string of pearls or a pair of dainty pearl earrings. Read more about the tradition over here. Lately I've been loving the look of pearls tied with either a black silk or grosgrain ribbon bow.

Another classic is a big bottle of perfume, Despite being difficult to buy for ourselves, let alone someone else, it still reins as the most popular of Mother's Day gift attempts. Two that are worth sniffing out this spring are Balmain's Ivorie, which I have previously swooned about over here, along with the new Eclat de Fleurs by Lanvin. Already a fan of Lanvin's Eclat d'Arpege which you can read more about over here, this latest version shares a lot of similarities. Less woody, Eclat de Fleurs is not surprisingly all about a bouquet of fresh, white spring flowers with a hint of green pear. An ethereal, watercolor sort of a scent for jasmine lovers, anyone who enjoys Lanvin's Eclat d'Arpege or Chanel's Eau Tendre will more than likely enjoy a gift of  Eclat de Fleurs too. Balmain's Ivorie on the other hand feels so warm and clean as if you're atop of creamy cloud of fluffy soap. Recently I was laying outside with Ivorie enveloping me and it felt so good that it deserved to be mentioned again.

Also in the same vein and mentioned a few times before on here is the Parfumerie line of scented nail polishes by Revlon. Recently, after a lot of 60's and 70's flick watching over the winter, I've been using the color Lavender Soap. It's that crystalline, pale oyster hue that every vixen seems to wear. Plus it literally smells of lavender soap. A set of 3 or 5 of these is a lovely gift for the vanity as the bottles are so cute.
Lastly is this pretty Les Jardins Secrets des Chefs (the Chef's Secret Garden) set of delicious Dijon mustard's c/o Maille. French chef Bruno Loubet created these limited edition mustard's with Maille to mimic the vegetable gardens he grew up enjoying in rural France. As a mustard lover who enjoys trying new version's, these were out of this world and truly unique. Mild and delicate in flavor, each mustard has its own distinctive character. Two, the purplish beet with white wine and honey and the salmon colored carrot with shallot are on the sweeter side with the green tinged olives and herbes de Provence more herbaceous and savory. Each was amazing in homemade slaw, potato salad and atop deviled eggs.

If you're in NYC, find the set at the Maille boutique on 185 Columbus Ave. at 68th street or order over here. The packaging totally negates wrapping which makes this particular gift set perfect to dole out en masse as favors and for sending straight on to a lucky recipients desk.

Wishing everyone a beautiful spring!

Image: MAM for Gave That


Great gift ideas. Who would not love to receive a gift of beautiful and flavorful French Dijon mustard. We were in Dijon last summer and they have so many varieties of mustard. Beautiful city to visit as well.
Nora Bee said…
Hi there ! wonderful gift ideas! Thanks for this share!

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