June Pearls

Wearing and keeping pearls on gift style blog Gave That
As the sun sets on another ninety degree summer day here I wounder if we could take a moment to revisit the month of June? The month of pearls...
Wearing a pearl necklace as a bracelet Gave That
Pearl earrings in a sea shell gift style blog Gave That
Both the traditional birthstone for June babies (happy belated birthday guys!) and gift given to women when they finish their formal education, it's funny one of my favorite finds last month were pearls. Small white pearl stud earrings which can be found for a song on ShopBop. No they're not real but that can actually be a good thing.

Real pearls can be temperamental. Something I learned the hard way after finding an antique brooch. Admiring the pearls, one abruptly crumbled and tuned to dust only to cartoonishly blow away before my eyes. Figuring it was old paste I put the piece away until I could get it fixed only to later find the pearls are real.

It turns out pearls are quite similar to people. They love to be touched and even more so they need to be worn. That luster that they say to always look for when buying pearls can sadly evaporate if left in a case or jewelry box for too long. Our bodies polish them and keep the luster, lustrous. This made a lot of sense considering so many of the gifted graduation and bridal pearls were passed down heirlooms as opposed to new.

In an attempt to prevent more vampiric episodes I've been looking for different ways to wear pearls. One inspirational movie scene from the 30s involved a woman sitting in front of her vanity, wrapping a flapper length strand of pearls around her wrist, then fastening it with a jeweled clip. Clip-less, I've been using a black silk ribbon.

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