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Revlon Parfumerie Scented Polishes Gift Find in African Tea Rose and Orange Blossom
Nail polishes that leave your fingertips perfumed... I'm in heaven! A super sweet pick me up gift find, keep reading for a few new bright favorites:


It's always nice to have a gift happily linked to you. Years ago I discovered a scented summer collection of nail polishes by Revlon and scooped a bunch up, later doling them out to fellow polish lovers. Every once in a while someone who received a few still brings up how they were recently wearing one and the memories they invoked. Cotton candy at the fair, the boardwalk and saltwater waves. Some were realistic one note wonders ala Demeter while others were rather complex renditions. They also were all crystalline finishes that didn't always correlate to their scents. The celadon hued beachy one is an example I remember. Still everyone loved how they smelled and then they were gone.

Little did I know Revlon was working on an even better version complete with my absolute favorite finishes, creams. Not only that but they're now housed in these Serge Lutens'-esk bottles that I absolutely adore. The formula of these Parfumerie polishes is so much better and they dry extremely fast too.

The two I'm loving at the moment are on the brighter side. The orange is aptly called Orange Blossom and is a contender for overtaking Revlon Colorstay polish in Marmalade as my go to spring/summer color. Marmalade is gorgeous in just one swipe while Orange Blossom needs at least two coats and can be streaky but when it dries (sans topcoat), you have this delicately sweet scent which actually registers less as orange blossoms (neroli) and more juicy, fruity, just peeled kumquat.

The other one here is African Tea Rose, a really pretty fuschia which does smell of tea roses. Light and sweet, this one isn't as pungent as Orange Blossom. None of these are the same as spritzing on perfume which those who hate perfumes might really like but they're omnipresent, wafting up every once in a while, especially when your fingers are very warm.

Definitely going to go back for the Lavender Soap which looks white, the Spun Sugar which channels the Lamé gowns often worn on the silver screen and probably the most unique of them all, Italian Leather. A gold flecked murky green. A total Synesthesia moment, picking out the perfect polish for the day based on it's scent.

For something along the same lines. see my previous scented gloves tutorial here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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