Under The Weather

Have you ever felt rainy days are trying to tell you to slooooooow down a little? Add in a dose of sniffles and it's sort of a forceful nudge (darn you misplaced umbrella). In honor of unexpected changes in plans and in-between sipping detox tea, flipping through seriously piled up September issues and the last chapters of all those neglected beach reads, it made me think about one of the most cherished of gifts...

When someone is under the weather, a simple how 'ya-doing? or sweet gesture can mean the world. That and some serious R&R. Some other personal favorites are a bunch of magazines and big fat juicy letters or a flurry of texts, especially when your voice is completely gone. A little box of treats or a full blown care package. A cool plant anyone can keep alive, some lavender oil and a new lipstick.  Oh and lot's and lot's of chicken soup with plenty of chives sprinkled on top.

Wishing everyone a really good weekend and to anyone out there under the weather, feel better soon!


Image: mam for Gave That


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