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As mentioned previously in our guide on gift plants, giving a bit of green can be very tricky. Especially when most popular plants in florists shop are actually bred to only linger slightly longer than a bouquet of roses. Thankfully there are very forgiving plants out there, one being the little air plant (aka Tillandsia). I was so happy to come across this shop online that not only sells full collections of these little spiky guys but tons of pretty favors as well. Everything from wine cork Tillandsia magnets to tiny glass orbs for a hanging terrarium.

The Air Plant Shop kindly sent over their Mexican collection of plants which ended up being perfect for this Día de los Muertos themed dinner party this past weekend. They gave a lot of information on caring for air plants as well... despite their name they can't live on air alone:

Keeping Air Plants Alive >

Air Plants right out of the box from the Air Plants Shop
The Air Plants of Mexico Collection c/o Air Plant Shop

A few years ago at the beach there were little air plants in seashells everywhere, often sold as magnets. Buying a few it wasn't until I got back home that it became very apparent they were dead. The people selling them had signs posted that they only needed air... not quite.

Peeling back the tissue paper from the Air Plant Shop it was immediately obvious how healthy their plants were even before I soaked them in a dish of water for 30 minutes, as per their instructions. Thankfully a full book on caring for your Tillandsia comes with each order. Their Mexico collection also shows how varied air plants can be from another. The Xerographia for instance is huge while the Ionantha Mexican can be turned into so many different living favors.

While only needing to be watered once a week and no need for dirt makes these great plants for offices and brown thumbs, they do need bright indoor or indirect sunlight. They also need those soakings since that's how they get nutrients and they're leaves need to dry before dark. A light misting with water isn't enough. Because of this, hanging them in inaccessible spots or putting them in a terrarium who's look you don't want disturbed can be problematic. One really cool part about air plants is they can grow pups and form whole new plants if well cared for. A gift that keeps giving!

Browse the Air Plant Shop's collection here. Carefully wrapped they came perfect for the DIY projects above and our living centerpiece.See them in action here too.

Plants of Mexico Collection c/o Air Plant Shop, thank you!

Image: mam for Gave That


Unknown said…
Plants are one of my favorite gifts to give too. Love the look of air plants. Glad to learn how to take care of them. Thanks for the post
Gave That said…
Thank you Jodie! They're really versatile and forgiving -M

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