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Gave That Put On Your Lipstick Holiday Red Red Apple Lipsticks in Reddish Fetish Red and Ravishing
Always on the lookout for the perfect red lip, especially during the holidays, here is my latest scarlet love. Three pretty crimson shades from the aptly named Red Apple Lipstick. An au natural line of glossy, gluten free lip colors who know their reds. Keep reading for my favorite shades and...

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Gave That Red Apple Lipstick lip colors in their drawstring gift bag
For the longest I've loved the transformative power of the red lip. Pop a little on the pout and it's crazy how no one even notices you actually don't have a stitch of any other makeup on. It even looks better that way in a lot of cases. Deceptively easy glamour yes, but what can be a tad tricky is finding the perfect one for you let alone a red-less friend. If you do discover the one or three, it's amazing how something so little can end up being one of the best, most cherished of gifts.

Which is why I'm sharing some of the most universal of reds I've come across to date. As mentioned above, these here are by Red Apple Lipstick who creates each hue in small batches out of all natural ingredients. And because the thought of eating lead has never sat really well with me and slightly curbed my enthusiasm for problematic red in particular, they guarantee everything they make is lead free.

On to the shades themselves...
Tubes of Red Apple Lipstick in Reddish Fetish Red and Ravishing
From left to right Reddish Fetish, Red! 101 and Ravishing
While I hate to play favorites here because all of these lipsticks will be seeing some heavy rotation I can't help loving their Reddish Fetish the most. From the look of it on their site I thought it was going to be good but the tell tale test is sweeping it on thine lips. We hear it said so many times, it's like my lips but only better. Well there really is no other way to put it except, Reddish Fetish is like my lips but only so much better. Dab it on and it just looks like super moist, healthy and rosy lips. My new everyday staple. Thank you Jay and Andrea!
To get Magda's look above strategically apply Red Apple's Red! 101. A true candy apple red with just enough of a blue base to make your teeth look white, this screams holiday party. Dabbed on with the finger lightly it leaves the perfect rosy stain for everyday.
The last one here is Ravishing which they describe as being their most luxurious red in their collection. This ones a vampy deep one that somehow manages not to wash you out, especially if fall/winter is leaving you on the paler side but you still want to channel Emma Watson.
As for texture, feel and finish all have a creamy, non-greasy feeling to them despite being au natural. With a glossy satin finish my first thought was ought-oh these are going to wear right off. But they didn't. After copious amounts of tea and lunch Reddish Fetish was still there. Almost like a lip stain without the chapped, dried out side effect. Sure the gloss was gone but the color remained. I'm thoroughly impressed. Love the Dalek-esk black tubes too. How cute of a gift would three of these be in their little Red Apple Lipstick drawstring bag?
Find all the shades in the collection and stuff those stockings here.
Red Apple Lipstick swatches on my wrist of Reddish Fetish Red and Ravishing
Swatches of (left to right)  Red! 101, Reddish Fetish and Ravishing on my wrist
Lipsticks c/o Red Apple Lipstick

Image: mam for Gave That


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