DIY Simmer Pot Recipe

DIY Simmer Pot Recipe Gave That
If you've made your own spicy mulled cider, wine or even rose water you know how amazing one little simmering pot can be. It fills a room with such a lovely scent, naturally, that lingers for hours which is why I adore DIY simmer pots and wanted to share this recipe. A recipe that's very, very old and a favorite in manner homes and chateau's this is slightly different in that it isn't spicy with cinnamon, cloves or pomander oranges but instead more floral like potpourri with a deeply warm, melodic twist. It was actually a scent women would simmer up to calm their nerves and mellow out a bit in their boudoir... something so needed this time of year! Here's how to make your own super easy simmer pot, Downton Abbey style:

The Recipe
- Dried jasmine flowers or 10 drops of jasmine essential oil
- Rose petals or 5 drops of rose essential oil
- 4 Tablespoons pure vanilla extract or 2 whole vanilla beans
- 5 drops of benzion or 2 teaspoons benzoin powder
- A few sprigs of eucalyptus or 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
- 10 drops of musk oil (here I'm using C.O. Bigelow's musk oil which is heavenly in itself)
- A few cups of water
- An old pot

Swirl everything together in the pot and keep topping up with fresh water as the steam evaporates. This is especially nice near a fireplace or on a radiator but be careful not to let it burn or scorch.

For lot's more DIY gift projects and festive decor including  pomander and lot's more see the How-To area of the blog here.

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