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The first wave of roses are already starting to fade and petals litter the ground... its been a mad dash to scoop them up and pick them off for something very aromatic to come. Moist potpourri. A stronger, lovingly made and aged version of the classic coffee table staple that's really only meant to be smelled, not seen. The thing is, it's really almost impossible to buy. Too time consuming I guess so this is truly one of those unique gifts that gardeners can give!
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What You Will Need:
There are many recipes and numerous ingredients that can be used but moist potpourri seems to always revolve around full bodied, deep rose scents. Everything else is totally up to taste and it's really interesting how different, even masculine these potpourris can become. Here is what I personally enjoy including in mine:
- Rose petals that are partly dried
- Dried lavender
- Hibiscus flowers
- Cedarwood shavings
- Bay leaves
- Vanilla bean pods &/or cinnamon sticks
- Bee balm (Bergamot) flowers and leaves
- Essential oils of rose, lavender, vanilla, benzoin, amber and/or bergamot
- Natural sea salt
- 1/4 cup brandy or deep red wine
- Glycerin (liquid)

How To Do It:
After further drying the petals and leaves indoors, in a very low oven with salt sprinkled on top, they're layered in a crock or a glass mason jar with a lid. In between the layers essentials oils are sprinkled on along with more sea salt (coarsely ground), ground spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon, the liquid glycerin and the alcohol. Layer apron layer that is pushed down with a spoon until the container is filled. The lid is tightly affixed and everything is allowed to mingle in a dark, warm spot for about a week. Then it's mixed a bit and the scent is tested, more essential oils and glycerin is added in if isn't moist or pungent enough. Then it continues to age for at least a month.
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