Making Orange Pomanders

Orange and spice has to be one of my favorite scents during the holidays and really adds some bright warmth to typically frigged days here in the north east. What better way to add a touch here and there naturally than with orange pomanders. In this pomander form plump oranges with a nice thick rind are studded with whole cloves and dusted with cinnamon which preserves them and adds that classic spiciness. After curing for a week they're ready to display in bowls or hung in the branches of your tree!

What You Will Need:
- Oranges for thick skins
- Whole cloves
- Ground cinnamon spice
- Pretty ribbons
- Straight pins
- Paper bag

For the how-to steps see the video below:

These pomanders can last for many years and be reused year after year, with a little freshening up with new cinnamon sprinkled on top from time to time and best of all when they've been thoroughly exhausted of scent, they can be tossed in my compost pile.

Image & Video: mam & Magda for Gave That


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