DIY Beauty Baths in a Bottle

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Why do some things fall out of favor and others live on? This was something I mulled over after having one of the loveliest of experiences recently. Now it's probably going to sound a little strange but if you're up for giving it a try, it's worth any doubtful fears. Especially for those in NYC or anywhere that has hard water &/or dry skin. And, since it's faded from history and really can not be bought, this also ventures into unique gift territory too which made it a must share.

Previously posted was an alternative way to wear fragrances called a vinaigrette locket. In addition to perfume, eau de toilette and cologne there was another form of fragrance, the vinaigrette. Pungent, they also served to revive one from the vapors. This probably gives an inkling as to how old the concoction at hand really is. It turns out that many a princess and great beauty throughout history prescribed to beauty baths and while there are numerous different types (milk based, red wine, oatmeal), one that kept popping up over and over was a detoxing vinegar based treatment. A staple of every ladies toilet and vanity.

Using one princesses recipe and a sprinkle of bath salts (my favorite here) I have to say the results were addictive. Smooth and soft skin sans moisturizer which is unheard of straight out of the water. Even better, my fear of smelling like a pickle turned out to be unfounded. Only the light scent of roses and, ever so often, vanilla would peek through. If you'd like to experience this too or you have a close thalassotherapy loving friend in need of a gift keep reading for the detox bath how-to:

The Recipe:

Aromatic Beauty Bath

- 4 Cups of apple cider or white vinegar
- 1/2 cup rose water (see how to create your own rose water here)
- 1 Tablespoon genuine vanilla extract (or use a vanilla bean in the glass bottle)
- 2 teaspoons benzoin powder or extract (optional)
- A few drops of lavender essential oil or fresh lavender sprigs
- 1 Cup of sea salt (bath salts) or Epsom salts

After heating the vinegar slightly, add the remainder of the ingredients except for the essential oil of lavender, if being used. Let cool and then decant into glass bottles to steep. This is when fresh (organic) roses, red clover blossoms &/or vanilla bean pods and the lavender can be added which looks pretty as gifts. After a week or two of steeping add 1 or 2 cups to a warm bath or use it as a body splash while showering.

For another DIY detoxing bath treatment see my previous post here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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