Another Way To Wear Perfume

Another way to wear perfumes Strum N Comfort necklace used as a Vinaigrette
Antique Perfume Locket Shaped Like A Tiny Handbag

It's something that seems to happen to everyone at one point or another. A perfume smells incredible on the little paper strip or in the bottle but when it touches the skin it turns twisted and strange. Then the bottle sits collecting dust in some dark corner. There are a few bottles I'm eyeing right now (Flower Bomb!). It happens... especially around the holidays when people pick things out for us. Things we know probably will not work.

For the longest time this has made me think about the eons (back in history) where, ladies at least, would not put perfume on their skin. The whole mingling body chemistry thing wasn't a factor in a perfumers mind because the scent was sprayed on wigs, sprinkled on gloves, puffed on handkerchiefs and locked away in a little vinaigrette.

Even though vinegar based fragrances went out with button top shoes the vinaigrette lockets that housed them still can be found and many are on etsy. Really any locket with perforations will work, including this guitar pick holder by Strum N Comfort (it has the added benefit of aiding peace initiatives). The other is an antique piece passed down. I like using the middle of adhesive bandages because they're the perfect size to pop inside. As the locket lays against the skin it warms the metal and releases its scent all day.

How to make your fragrances work on you even if they will not work with your body chemistry Strum N Comfort Magic pick locket necklace used as vinaigrette proceeds benefit peace projects

Locket: Strum N Comfort

Image: mam for Gave That


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