DIY Detoxing Bath


This gives more of a glimpse into what has been going on for these past couple of weeks. Along with all the detoxing fresh juicing and teas, there was lot's of steam, cedarwood and purifying oils. Any and everything to coax those left over holiday toxins away and try to stave off a cold or the flu... that run down feeling while I'm at it.

Some of the highlights have been sitting and being enveloped with pretty potent steam infused with juniper, essential oils of cedarwood, rosewood, lemon and eucalyptus. Heating up pink salt, massaging in oils infused with the same oils as above which are buffed in with a brush and smoothing on dark chocolate masks (dark chocolate powder mixed with some creamy cleanser worked well). Keeping fingers crossed for a healthy start to the year for all of us.

Chocolate Powder: CocoaWell 70% Cacao
Brush: Clarisonic
Bath Salts: DIY Ginger Bath Salts See recipe here
Cedarwood Bath Bench: See here

Image: mam for Gave That


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