Soaked In : NARS Essential Oil Infused Therapy Soak


NARS Essential Oil- Infused Therapy Soak Gave That

{Forgo That Trip To The Spa}
Something about this frigid and very rainy time of year has a way of infiltrating your mind. Even in the gift department. All that water and the deep wish to warm up for a little while. Thalassotherapy! So you find yourself paying special attention to certain facilitators such as candles, oils, bath salts and things a person can soak in.

One recent find was the Essential Oil Infused Therapy Soak by NARS. Containing a rather unique blend of Sel Gris from the waters off the French island of Noirmoutier, Bolivian red and Chilean salts, it resembles beach sand. Feels like it too. Cast it in the water and it seems to effect nothing but smell your skin afterwords and the essence of Gardenia (Tahitian tiare) is eerily left clinging to lull you to sleep. Its unobtrusiveness makes it so much more giveable. Imagine a large sheer silk pouch with this hiding inside along with a bottle of cult favorite NARS Monoï Body Glow, $59., a delicately scented candle, a book of love letters and a CD of calming music for a bride to be. Major swoon...

Image: mam for Gave That

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