A Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day Gift Guide Featuring Maddyloo Herban Cowboy Love with Food Kusmi Love Tea
These are undoubtedly a few of my favorite things that just happen to make a sweet gift for your love or a VDay treat for someone especially important... you!
Homemade Red Velvet Valentines Day Heart Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce
Valentines Day Gift Guide featuring Pink Salt Shot Glasses Happy Booster Blush Powders DIY Pink Candy Popcorn and Silk Bow Tie Passionate Love Letters an Anthology of Desire by Michelle Lovric book Valentines Day Gift Guide | Gave ThatValentines Day Gift Guide Featuring a DIY Lego heart pin Panpuri hand cream A rose gold monogram necklace by The Purple Mermaid and Gold Toe lacy rose socks
Maddyloo hair ties come in these pretty little heart boxes making them perfect to dole out en masse.

Herban Cowboy, who created my favorite men's fragrance Dusk, now has a bright, citrus scent for women called Blossom in a very VDAY appropriate pink bottle. Both Dusk and Blossom are all natural and Vegan too.

The Love with Food box is a monthly subscription box service that delivers to your desk or door a cherry red box filled with gourmet natural snacks. See what was in my box here. It was awesome! Even better, for each both ordered they deliver a meal to those facing hunger. #givetwice

Kusmi has such a long history of creating some amazing tea blends including for the Tsars of Russia which you can actually still order. Really fitting is their Love tea which is a really delicious, naturally sweet and slightly spicy blend I'm sipping which is supposed to excite the senses. Makes a little warm magic.

Breakfast in bed... so good! Flip up some heart shaped pancakes in buttermilk red velvet and chocolate chip with my recipe here and with these heart shaped forms here.

Physicians Formula really does make the cutest cosmetics and they're in the drugstore to boot! I really love using their powder (as a high lighter) and blush but they're cute to display too. Some violet scent and built in pheromones is supposed to make you happy as you sweep each on. If nothing else it is a pleasant way to kick off the day.

The Spice Lab makes these really cool Himalayan pink salt shot glasses which are perfect for tiny Bloody Mary's in the mourning.

Always a favorite during Valentines, find the recipe here for how to make pink and red kettle corn.

Another surprisingly simple DIY project for VDay are these bespoke bow ties done in silk. Upcycling at it's best. See the full step-by-step tutorial here.

Michelle Lovric creates the most beautiful anthologies and books. Her Passionate Love Letters of Desire something you'll never tire of flipping through and she's embedded copies of historic love letters to pull out and read between the pages. Sadly it's out of print but that makes it all the better if you can give a copy.

Dee & Ricky, who are twins, designed these Lego heart pins which I could never get out of my mind. They stopped selling them years ago so I visited Lego world to try and create a DIY version. Thanks to lot's of help from super kind souls we did it! 14 little red Lego's later here we go. Find the full step-by-step tutorial over here.

Panpuri of Thailand created what might be the most addictive and lovely perfumed hand creams ever infused with queen of the flowers jasmine, wild Thai honey and another aphrodisiac, pomegranate. This is so highly fragranced you can skip actual perfume after a dab of this. From Sparaj.

The Purple Mermaid makes the original scrolling monogrammed necklaces seen on so many necks, in the perfect color, rose gold!

Warm and cozy socks are so welcome now that this spring looks to be a freezing one. The little Woolly Worn that predicted this was so right making these Gold Toe socks an unexpectedly sweet gift. A little lace and a lot of roses makes pumps doable.

Image: mam for Gave That


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