DIY Lego Heart Pin

DIY Lego Heart Pin Inspired by Dee and Ricky
Wear you're heart on your pocket with this DIY Lego block brooch inspired by designers Dee & Ricky. Keep reading for the...


Making a DIY Lego Block Heart Pin

What You Will Need:
- Lego blocks (10 slanted block with two holes, 3 straight 4 hole blocks and 1 straight 2 hole block)
- Crazy glue
- A pin back

How To Do It:
A big thank you to the lovely souls at Lego who worked with me for ages figuring out how to put the heart together using the blocks they currently offer. The heart is comprised for 3 pieces that are crazy glued together.

Each hump needs 2 slanted 2 hole blocks set opposite one another on top of a straight 4 hole block. Make two of these.

The pointy bottom of the heart is made from 1 straight 4 hole block with the straight 2 hole block on top in the center. On the sides the slanted 2 hole blocks cascade.
Piecing the Lego Block Brooch Together

Apply crazy glue to the center between the point piece and the 2 humps. Allow to dry overnight and then apply the pin back using more crazy glue. Allow to fully cure and that's it!
Finished Lego Block Heart Pin Inspired by Dee and Ricky

Image: mam for Gave That


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