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A lovely, warm, comforting scent I've come to adore in a beautiful new form to give from Agraria...

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AirEssence Handmade Sola Flowers

This month has been one gorgeous fall/winter fragrance find after another but one for the home that I've found to be a timeless standby is this. Agraria's signature scent Balsam. Picture logs burning in the fireplace and a huge leather chair to curl up in near by, an evergreen wreath on the door and a steaming hot cup of tea swirling together. Balsam is deep and melodic but in a refreshingly laid back way. Smokey and a tad leathery too it has notes of its namesake balsam along with rhododendron and cypress. Thankfully it comes in a cologne as it smells so good on skin.

New for this season Balsam, along with Agraria's other fragrances, come in a beautiful new form which I'm fortunate enough to have. The AirEssence above. Each sola flower is actually hand sewn one at a time from the dried peel of the tapioca plant. Placing them into the hand blown glass decanter they slowly soak up the fragrance, turning to the color of the liquid and perfuming the air. Such a beautiful piece.

Find the entire Balsam line and AirEssence diffusers here.

AirEssence c/o Agraria

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