Simple Paper Flowers to DIY

A quick and simple way to create paper flowers to decorate gifts and parties by Gift Style Blog Gave That Finished white coffee filter paper flower in a bouquet of fresh roses and greeneryCreate these paper flowers by following this simple tutorial
Along with being good for making DIY tea bags, here's another really simple and quick frothy white paper flower to make using coffee filters. Keep reading for how to do it too:

The How-To
Simple Paper Flowers DIY Tutorial
What You Will Need: - Paper coffee filters (fluted round sort)
- Deckle edged scissors (optional) or regular scissors
- Florist wire or twist ties
- Color pen or marker

How To Do It:
1) Using 2 to 3 paper coffee filters for each finished flower, use the deckle edged scissors (if on hand) to cut the edge all the way around. If using regular scissors, cut the edges of the coffee filters in a slightly wavy shape to mimic petals.

Use your finger to push the center of the coffee filter down forming a cone shape. Pleat and fold inward to form a flower shape.

2) Twist the pointy bottom of the coffee filter flower and then wrap with wire until secure. Real leaves can also be attached at this time using the wire at the base of the flower.

3) Add some color by drawing wavy lines in yellow in the center of the coffee filter flower. Then you're done! Pop them on top of presents or how about turning them into a floral crown!? See the tutorial for that here.
Coffee filter paper flower all finished and ready to adorn gifts

For more floral gift wrapping ideas see our previous post here and also see our gift design inspiration area for lots more gift wrapping ideas.

Image: mam for Gave That


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