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Renaissance fairs, outdoor concerts, weddings or to dole out as unexpected favors at your little ones next birthday party, floral crowns always seem to be just the thing. There's something about summer and floral crowns going perfect together which gave the idea for our latest handmade project. Want to DIY your own too? Here's how we quickly whipped up the comfortable one above from fresh flowers although more permanent, silk versions will also work this way. It's really, really easy! Let's get started:


Making A DIY Floral Crown Step by Step by Gift Style Blog Gave That

What You Will Need:
- A flexible headband with a lattice pattern (Goodie and Scunci makes good ones)
- Florist wire or twist ties
- Florist or washi tape (green works best)
- Fresh or silk flowers with enough stem attached
- Sprays of pearls, butterflies or leaves (optional)

How To Do It:
1) Bunching 2 or 3 steps of sprays of flowers together, wrap them securely with the floral wire, leaving a bit of a tail.

2) Then it's as easy as poking them through the lattice holes of the headband and securing them with the floral wire. Wrap tape around any potentially scratchy ends of floral wire. This will also further hold the flowers in place. That's it!

Finished DIY Floral Crown
As a finishing touch to silk versions I love to spritz on a little perfume.

Image: Magda & mam for Gave That


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