DIY Paper Gift Bags

DIY Paper Favor Gift Bags do not require a template and can be a great way to use up left over pieces of wrapping paper tutorial by Gift Style Blog Gave That
Finding vintage wrapping paper, especially when it's on the thicker side, is always a day maker. Even better it ended up being great for a recent project of customized sets of gift bags. Have some wrapping paper remnants laying about? Try these (no template needed, just a few origami-ish folds):

The How-To

Creating a DIY Paper Gift Bag Step by Step
1) Cutting a strip of wrapping paper to form a tube I overlapped the edges and glued them together for what would become the back of the bag. Everything should be flattened out but the sides need not be creased,

2) Fold what will become the bottom of the bag about 1/4 to 1/3 the way up the paper tube. Crease and fold back down flat.

4) Now for the origami looking part. Open the fold you just made and pinch the corners, flattening and creating them to form a triangle pocket on each side. Everything should be flat.

5) Bring the bottom flat upwards to the visible horizontal line inside the bag. Fold and crease. Do the same with the top by bringing it down.

6) Make one of the flaps overlap slightly so you can glue or tape it in place. (I like to do this from the side so it won't be too visible). This form the bottom of the bag. Starting to look 3D now.

7) Forming the sides last has been easier for me, to do this I line up the side lines to the edges of the now finished bottom. Then the center between these two folds is pushed in and the sides creased flat. Open back up and that's it.  See all the steps in real time in the video above.

These can be customized in so many different ways! Above a hole punch was used to add grosgrain ribbon and a bow tie which also serves as a closure to the top of the bag. For how to make the bow tie above see our tutorial here. The other one has little handles attached to the inside using wired raffia. A little rectangle of cardboard or card stock to sandwich the handles between is great for making everything more sturdy.

For lot's more gift wrapping ideas and projects be sure to visit the gift design inspiration area of the blog.

Image: mam for Gave That


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