Ways To Reuse Gift Wrap

Garland created out of vintage wrapping paper
Simple garland made from vintage wrapping paper.

Adding bits of gift wrap on top of canning jar lids how to recycle wrapping paper ideas
Adding dots of recycled gift wrap to the lids of canning jars.
Recycling gift wrap to create pretty pencils
Rolling store bought pencils in thin slivers of wrapping paper and modge podge.
How to make 3D Origami gift bows out of wrapping paper see my YouTube tutorial here
Making Origami gift bows out of it, for the tutorial see here.
mam for gift wrap blog Gave That reusing gift wrap to line envelopes
Using it to line envelopes, for the how-to see here.

Recycled Gift Wrap used as packing 
Shredding wrapping paper and using it as packing.

Create gift bags out of it. See the tutorial here.

DIY Paper Favor Gift Bags do not require a template and can be a great way to use up left over pieces of wrapping paper tutorial by Gift Style Blog Gave That

As more ideas for reusing and recycling gift wrap pop up I'll be sure to keep adding them here.  When I was small there was so troubling about ripping though wrapping papers and later seeing them balled up in the trash. A favorite way to make it last was to use it as school book covers. Now they say, in the US at least, millions of pounds of extra waste is dumped in landfills during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and after New Years. For more reusable ways of wrapping gifts, such as with fabrics, see the Furoshiki area of the blog here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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