DIY Perfumed Bracelet

Wearing DIY handmade perfumed wooden beaded bracelets for Summer

- DIY Gift Idea -
This is something really quick and simple to do when the sun is blazing and spritzing on perfume can cause nasty sunburns (not fun!). Instead little wood beaded bracelets can be misted with any fragrance, allowed to sit a bit to absorb it all and be worn for a light perfume. So far so good and no red marks or prickly skin. Sandalwood beads work especially well and so do rosewood. For how to sting the simple friendship bracelet above see here.
A few favorite fragrances for hot Summer months by DKNY Lanvin and India Hicks
Loving for summer Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege, pureDKNY and India Hick's Spider Lily
Placing wooden beaded bracelet in glass jar and misting with perfume

What You Will Need:
- A wooden bead bracelet (DIY project here)
- A favorite scent
- A glass jar with lid

How To Do It:
After spraying the bracelet well with a perfume, allow it to sit inside of the glass jar with the lid off to allow any alcohol scent to dissipate. Then close the lid and let the bracelet sit over night to absorb the fragrance. The bracelet should feel dry in the morning, otherwise it can be left out of the jar to further dry. It's then ready to wear. For more see the step by step video below:

Here's to everyone having a really good summer!

Image: mam for Gave That


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