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pureDKNY perfume review

Have you ever had certain things haunt you? Perfume always seems haunting in general but here is one of mine for the longest time. It was last Christmas that I had a chance to have a bottle of this yet there was very little about it at the time so I choose something else. The "it" being pureDKNY. A few weeks later I was kicking myself because the concept is an incredible initiative and something I would love to see become more popular.

pureDKNY is one of the few new perfumes to use environmentally sustainable ingredients that are natural as opposed to synthetic. The other side of the story is that it supports women owned vanilla cooperative farms and processing in Uganda Africa through CARE.

It's now my high heat summer staple. Everyday hovers around 95 degrees and this adds something incredibly light and squeaky clean, in a Chloé floral sort of way, to the air around you. On your skin it hugs close and smells of soft musk, the earthy vanilla, Sandalwood and definitely lotus flowers. Happy days!

Image: mam for Gave That


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