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India Hicks Crabtree and Evelyn Spider Lily perfume review
India Hicks' Spider Lily for Crabtree & Evelyn is something that I've been eagerly wanting to share with everyone for a while. It's so unexpectedly good not to and it finally feels hot enough to really delve into the bottle. Instead of ubiquitous white florals as the name might conjure up, this scent is actually incredibly warm and deep in a bond fire on a tropical beach sort of way. Two other fragrances came to mind after initially smelling Hicks' Spider Lily, Prada Candy and Kate Walsh's Boyfriend. Only minus the caramel of Candy and fruity plum of Boyfriend, leaving a similar resonance warmth with something a little mysterious and green (the palm maybe?) going on and one of the most delicious candied orange peel notes ever. It's a little curious because when's it's very hot out the leafiness really lingers but when it's cool the part of the scent vanishes quickly. Even better the India Hicks gift sets are really divine and worth a look.

India Hicks coral embroidered gift set bag

Pants - Vintage Gap
Fragrance - India Hicks Spider Lily
Bag - India Hicks 

Image: mam for Gave That


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