Wearing Vanilla Perfume

Vanilla based fragrances by Demeter and Laurence Dumont
Playful... Demeter Graham cracker, Sugar Cookie and Brownie, Laurence Dumont tendre madeleine and vanille violette. Demeter nails their scents but they're also extremely fleeting... which isn't always a bad thing!
Burberry Brit perfume
Burberry Brit (always the eau de toilette version), a sort of fraternal twin of the bunch because it's tonka bean based, which has long been a nuttier version of vanilla to me. Others too who exclaim, what a lovely vanilla!
Vanilla based perfumes by Lavin Bath and Body Works Lancome DKNY Lavanila
Heavy hitters... Lancôme Hypnose, Lavanila Vanilla Coconut, Lanvin Oxygene, Bath & Body Works Sensual Black Current Vanilla, Pure DKNY.

Decisions, decisions... all are absolute favorites. Find more vanilla's by Demeter here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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